The project was launched by Anaïs BARUT and David SIRET, two graduates from Institut d’Optique, and Arnaud DUBOIS, a senior researcher at the Charles Fabry Laboratory (CNRS / Institut d’Optique Graduate School / Université Paris-Sud).

Arnaud is an expert in optical imaging and has a strong background in developing technologies for medical applications. when he discovered a new state-of-the-art technique with the potential to revolutionize dermatologic practice, he found in Anaïs and David to be the perfect partners in drive his innovation to business.

Anaïs, both an engineer and a graduate of the HEC Paris School of Management, offers her expertise in managing disruptive technologies. David, an engineer and entrepreneur, paves the way for the technical development and industrialization of the technology.

Driven by this talented team combining scientific and technical excellence with business skills, DAMAE Medical was established in September 2014.

To achieve the integration of DAMAE Medical’s technology in the medical sector, the leading team is regularly advised and guided by a diversely qualified group of partners.

Les fondateurs
  • As Chief Executive Officer, Anaïs Barut specializes in technological business and management. She is responsible for relationships with the medical community, establishing the business model, and the marketing, commericial, and financial strategies. She also leads the study of market feasibility in conjuction with consulting partners. She holds both a master’s degree in engineering from the Institut d’Optique Graduate School and an MBA from HEC Paris School of Managment, where she majored in Entrepreneurship. In 2015, she was recognized by MIT Technology Review as one of the top 10 French Innovators Under 35.

    Anaïs Barut, CEO
  • As Chief Technology Officer, David Siret specializes in biophotonics, imaging systems engineering, and medical innovation. He developed the first proofs of concept of DAMAE Medical’s technology and presently manages the R&D Team. He is in charge of product development, intellectual property strategies, and industrial partnerships. He completed his education with the Challenge + Program of the HEC Paris, which aims to coach scientific entrepreneurs. He leads the study of technical feasibility though managing relationships with subcontractors.

    David Siret, CTO
  • Professor Arnaud Dubois is the Chief Scientific Officer and third co-founder of DAMAE Medical. In this role, he brings to the company the benefits of cutting-edge research in optical coherence tomography (OCT), carried out over 15 yers at « Ecole Supérieure de Physique et Chimie Industrielles » and « Institut d’Optique Graduate School ». He has published over 100 research articles and 10 book chapters. In addition, he has participated in about 200 conferences and holds 5 patents for his innovations. He is the inventor of the technology developed by DAMAE Medical.

    Arnaud Dubois, CSO
Les partenaires