Skin cancer, a major public health issue

Skin cancer is the most common cancer worldwide and represents almost half of all cancers diagnosed in patients.More than 5 million skin cancers are diagnosed each year. The skin cancer rate has been increasing by 3-7% annually in Europe during the last 50 years. More than 95% of them are Non-Melanoma Skin Cancer (NMSC), usually caused by overexposure to the sun and its UV rays.


Malignant melanoma is the most lethal form due to its rapidly metastasizing nature. In 2012, melanoma occurred in 232 000 people and resulted in 55 000 deaths. The five-year survival rate for people whose melanoma is detected and treated before it spreads to the lymph nodes is 99%. Then, early detection of these skin cancers represents more than ever a major stake.

Skin cancer identification is currently limited to visual screenings. Definitive diagnosis requires either a biopsy or complete excision of the lesion. The diagnosis is done by a pathologist based on histological images. Even though dermatologists develop a specific expertise, there is no denying that melanomas are missed and that far too many benign lesions are excised.


DAMAE Medical’s mission is to put the great power of bio-photonics at the service of opening new opportunities in medical imaging and diagnosis. Bio-photonics is the science that uses light to analyse biological objects structure and modification. Thanks to a leading-edge research and know-how in non-invasive imaging, DAMAE Medical aims at transforming medical diagnosis procedures for better healthcare conditions and accessibility to patients, practitioners and institutions.

DAMAE Medical brings a unique answer to the public health issue of skin cancer, by developing a new approach to dermatological diagnosis through OCTAV®, a novel non-invasive imaging device, based on a groundbreaking optical technology, which allows for immediate, non-invasive, in depth assessment of skin lesions.


In 2017, DAMAE Medical obtained the ISO 13485 certification, by the French notified body GMED, for the “Design of medical imaging devices for cutaneous cancer diagnostic aid in dermatology”, which proves that excellence and quality are at the core of our priorities.



Our actualities

Laureate of the EDF pulse prize

After 8 month of competition, DAMAE Medical won the health category award of the “Prix EDF Pulse”. This was the second time the prize was awarded, and 240,000 votes were collected. Thanks you everyone, this is the beginning of a great adventure !

Winner of the world innovation competition
Le président Hollande félicite Anaïs

DAMAE Medical has been recognized by the French Innovation 2030 Commission, being one of the winners of the Worldwide Innovation Challenge in the category “Individualized Medecine”.
On July 13th 2014, cofounders Anaïs Barut and David Siret had the honor of being welcomed at the French Palais de L’Elysée. Here, they presented DAMAE Medical to President François Hollande, esteemed government ministers, and the Head of the Innovation 2030 Commission, Mrs. Anne Lauvergeon.

the team and its partners

Working together since January 2013, the three fondators of DAMAE Medical, each experts in their respective fields, constitute a pluridisciplinar, coherent and complementary leading team. To achieve the integration of the company’s devices in the medical sector, the leading team is regularly advised and guided by a diversely qualified team of partners.